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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

A dedicated driving instructor. Lucas helped me build up my lost confidence and use defensive driving so i can be safe while driving.Very professional and patient.I would definitely recommend Lucas.

When starting my lessons, i knew the basic in regards to driving, ie changing gears. My lessons helped me to build my confidence,whilst learning how to safely drive.Our lessons always enabled me to learn information that will be needed,as well as being able to joke and have a laugh. My driving lessons overall have been a really enjoyable and happy experience,and I am thrilled to have passed my licence and done my lessons with Luca.

Passed 1st time
My driving instructor was amazing. Passed first time, really compatible experience. The LD system is very helpful.Thank you.

Passed 1st time
Absolutely amazing teacher, has lots of patience, Really take his time, explaining things. Passed first time, cant thank you enough.

Alex ColtonAlex Colton
First time Passed
I passed my driving test at the first attempt thanks to my driving instructor Lucas.In every driving lesson he clearly explained everything that i needed to know,using great examples to make sure i understood it all.He was an amazing instructor who was patient and had a great way of teaching.Highly recommended. Thank you.

Lucie LeonardLucie Leonard
The nicest instructor!I always feel confident and safe on my lessons!Super helpful and positive. Thank you!

Lucas is an incredible instructor, he enables you, not only to pass your driving test, but to have the confidence to drive safely in any situation. He is passionate about developing the skills of his students, so they are able to reflect after each session on their own and build confidence. I would recommend him to new learners and those who have had previous experience and are looking to improve. I'm proud to have met such a caring individual who i can also call a friend!

Passed 1st time
Lucas, really supported me on my driving journey. He help me become a safe driver, not just to pass a test. My confidence has improved, through learning with him.Highly recommended!!

Joshua PortmanJoshua Portman
I really enjoyed my lessons with Lucas. I feel as though, I learned so much more with Lucas, than any other lessons with previous instructors. He made the lessons fun as well, while teaching me new techniques making my driving a lot safer. He manage to make me pass my driving test in only three months, after failing three times before, with one year of lessons by other driving instructors. Thank you !!!

First time Passed
Lucas makes every lesson enjoyable. Helps you build a lot of confidence. Passed first time so nothing to complain about. Best instructor ever!! 10/10 would recommend!!

William YoungWilliam Young
Would highly recommend Lucas. He not only helped me pass my test but also showed me more about driving that helped me progress further, rather than focusing on the test, but driving safer in general.

Daniel BrianDaniel Brian
Passed 1st time
I took driving lessons with Lucas and found his LD method of learning gave me the skills and confidence to pass my test on the first attempt. I really can't thank him enough and would absolutely recommend him to anybody looking to start driving lessons.

Samiya Khan
Brilliant driving lessons.
I recently started taking driving lessons with Lucas. He gave me the confidence to be safe on the road showing me he had faith in me to do well. He is encouraging and supportive he goes out of his way to help you as much as possible. The client centred LD system and learning method is a great way to learn how to drive. I cannot recommend it enough. Thank You.